Craft Beers & IPA

Build Your Own Six Pack!

Foreign and Domestic Beers

Ocean Wine & Spirits has a superior variety of traditional favorites, from Michelob to Miller, Coors to Corona. Whether you're looking for a six-pack, 12-pack or your own mixed-and-matched variety, Ocean Wine & Spirits is ready to help make your party perfect!

Craft Beers and IPAs

Are you ready to venture into the world of microbreweries? Of course you are! And we at Ocean Wine & Spirits are ready to help you explore the wide and exciting variety of craft beers and Indian Pale Ales. Whether it is a local craft beer from Florida or other domestic craft beer or IPA, Ocean Wine & Spirits probably has it.

Don't get stuck in a big brew rut! Find your favorite flavor of mix and match by building your own six pack! 

Vast Wine Selection

Red Wines, White Wines, Rosés

Great Selection

Our vast wine selection will satisfy the most discriminating palette, whether you are looking for the right compliment to your luncheon or dinner or seeking a large quantity for an event. We carry selections from around the globe, from Napa Valley to the various Appellations from France, from German to Australian wines, large and small vineyards.

Sparkling Wines

Our selection of sparkling wines, from Champagne to Prosecco, makes it easy to choose the right variety for your celebration or event. We carry a large variety of sparkling wines, whether domestic or imported, and to fit every budget!

All Manner Of Spirits!

Vodkas, Bourbons & Scotch, Oh My!

A Selection So Large, You'll Wonder How We Made It Fit!

When you are ready for the spirit of the weekend or just the spirit of the moment, Ocean Wine & Spirits has the libation for your mood, party or event! We carry your favorite brands of vodka, tequila, whisky, bourbon, scotch, rum and flavored spirits.

Don't Forget The Mixers!

Whatever you do, don't forget to pick up your favorite mixers, whether it's soda, juices or cocktail mixers to blend your favorite drinks. Ocean Wine & Spirits is your personal beverage service!